Vertical RE is the preferred affiliate to Pintar Investment Company LLC, general partner to both flip and rental residential investment funds.  We provide our agents exclusive access to represent these funds in the acquisition and disposition of investment real estate.  Vertical RE also provides the opportunity for our agents to co-invest into these funds and into the properties they are acquiring and selling on our behalf, providing each agent the ability to become a real estate investor themselves and to grow their own wealth.

Vertical RE has unparalleled in house market research and ROI/valuation team focused on analyzing and evaluating individual and bulk properties for our for our agents and on behalf of our investment funds. We have successfully analyzed and purchased over $2 Billion worth of single family residential investment properties on behalf of our institutional and individual clients over the past 7 years. We have access to the most state of the art valuation systems on the market and have a track record of success with some of the largest institutions in the country.