Vertical RE is the first and only real estate services organization allowing its team to develop wealth while sharing in its client’s success. No other organization has the ability to provide its clients with a one stop shop of vertically integrated services such as investment advisory, brokerage, property management, leasing, construction management, escrow, financing and mortgage lending – all under one roof. VerticalRE provides all of this while at the same time allowing our team members to share in the profits and grow their own wealth along the way – a true alignment of interest.

Founded by Jeff Pintar, a real estate leader with over 20 years of experience and innovation in all aspects of the industry. Jeff believes that real estate is not just about finding property or doing one off transactions —it’s about aligning the needs of your clients and delivering the necessary services to satisfy them creating a true alignment of interest. It takes patience, commitment, dedication and the highest ethical standards to achieve this, but once found you will have long lasting relationships that will last generations.

At VerticalRE, our employees are the center of the universe. Without the most talented and dedicated real estate professionals we are not able to deliver the services necessary to compete in today’s environment. Fortunately our leadership team has created the industry’s best culture, technology and tools making us the fastest growing full service real estate providing company around.

Come join the winning team and take control of your future. Isn’t it time to see your career go Vertical?